We offer Screen Printing,  Digital (DTG), and Heat Transfer. Screen printing is typically the best option for bulk amounts. Heat Transfer and Digital (DTG) are better for smaller amounts. 

So what's the difference between digital (DTG) and screen printing? Each method has its pro's and cons, here's some answers to some of the most common questions.

Set Up Costs
With DTG there are none. This is why there are no minimums and why DTG is perfect for one off prints and short runs.

With screen printing there is a lot of preparation and labour involved in setting up screens and film, mixing inks, test printing etc  Each color is printed on the garment with its own screen. Set up costs are unavoidable but if you keep the volume high and the colors low it's extrememly economical. 
Print Quality
DTG prints at a high resolution and is perfect for full color designs with a lot of detail including photographic images. It prints up to 720dpi and finer details are preserved, particularly on white and light garments.

Screen printing typically prints between 72-160dpi and therefore the finer details may be lost in the process.

Color Matching
DTG can produce over 16 million colors. All artwork is converted to RGB and although the colors are bright and vibrant, it is not possible to get an exact match to a Pantone color. Neon colors can not be printed with DTG.

Screen printing allows precise Pantone color matching and also produces a much more vibrant color on dark garments due to the thicker ink and application. We can also screenprint neon colors and metallics.

Feel and Longevity
A DTG print on white or light color garments feels smooth and soft, in fact you can’t feel it at all. The ink pigments bond deeply in to the fabric instead of sitting on top. On dark garments however, the print is slightly raised due to the white under base and therefore feels more like a screen print. A DTG print is not as durable as a screen print and needs more care when washing.

A screen print sits on top of the fabric and is therefore raised and feels slightly rough/rubbery depending on the ink used. It is a much more durable print than you get with DTG and also has better washability.

Screen Printing Pricing

Here's what you need to know about calculating the colors in your artwork for a quote. If you're printing on white tee's its easy, just count the colors in the artwork and thats that. If you're printing on a color tee you'll need a white base so you'll need to count your colors and then add one more.

Feel free to use this quote request link and provide us with as much information as possible - there's no such thing as TMI here!

This is what we'll need to know.....

What type of garments would you like? (you can check them out 
What color garments would you like?
How many do you require?
How many prints on each garment? ie chest print, back print
How many colors are in your artwork? 

Please note: It's always best to send a sample of your artwork when possible. That way we can ensure the quote is as accurate as possible.

Don't have artwork? No problem, call or email us and we can help you with that.

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